Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get to Jackpine Lake?

No but it is recommended to have good quality tires and take it slow as the road can be bumpy.

How big are the fish in Jackpine?

Average sizes are 2-3 pounds but much larger have been coaxed from the lake.

Can I bring my dog?

Jackpine Lake Wilderness Resort is dog friendly however pets must be on leash and under control at all times in respect of guests and our local wildlife.

Is the spring water drinkable?

It’s always a good idea to boil or otherwise purify drinking water in the wilderness but many of us long-time Jackpine folks drink it regularly with no issue. It sure tastes better than tap water!

Do I need to worry about wildlife?

Lots of wildlife call Jackpine Lake home. Common practices such as storing garbage in sealed containers, keeping food secure in vehicles or RV’s, cleaning up food scraps and dirty dishes and making noise when hiking or biking help to prevent surprise encounters. We are bear aware and wild-safe at Jackpine Lake.

Our resident loons look forward to meeting you!

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